Anna Odinson
Ты думаешь, что если ты не дверь, я тебя захлопнуть не смогу?

"Yes, I've heard the new Evanescence. I actually really loved it and I'm not saying that to be politically correct, cause Jasmine will confirm, I hate not making people uncomfortable um ask South America. I really don't give a **** about being politically correct in fact, um the whole little debacle with "Going Under' at the "We Are The Fallen" is up with a Evanescence. Do you like it? I think the record is awesome! I think it's better than "The Open Door" Um, I like some parts of "The Open Door" maybe I would have liked it better, I don't know. I'm in a better place now, I opened up itunes and boom! I saw Evanescence- which, the logo still looks great. I know, because I totally was the guy that who was like 'we should use that logo' like eight years ago so I'm taking FULL CREDIT. Um and uh, it knocked Adele out of number one, something that hasn't been able to be done for a while and that was awesome! So kudos to Amy and Terry and... I have no idea who those other guys are but lets be honest... Tim? Tim or Tom, your probably a really good dude. And one of you looks like the guy from "Maroon Five" with the long hair so that's only gonna help you because it's actually cool to like "Maroon Five" and maybe it'll be cool to like you. I don't know, it's not cool to like me."

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